After countless hours digging trough literature about healthcare, evolution and the aging process I have have made several observations:

  1. Majority of healthcare funding is spend on fundamentally flawed medicines and treatments.
  2. Majority of untreatable ‘diseases’ are diseases of old age.
  3. Therefore the problem to be tackled is the aging process itself.
  4. The major limitation to tackling the aging process is not technical, not philosophical nor ethical but a funding problem.

As a 3rd year Business Administration student at the University of Groningen I am in an unique position to take the best concepts of two highly seperated research disciplines and merge the best of two worlds it into one new method.

FinalStand refers to the (for my generation) legendary shooter Call of Duty. One of the perks is called ‘FinalStand’. Once shot by an enemy player you still had the ability to fight on crawling, only wielding a pistol. If against all odds you managed to stay alive you were rewarded bigtime: a new healthy life. The exact same outcome I envision with a succesful FinalStand interaction.

Feel free to contact me for questions or business inquiries:

Merijn Schakelaar – Founder FinalStand