Q: Am I required to take any medicine put forward by the auction winner?

No, you are not required to do anything. The only thing the document achieves is to align interests. That’s all. Obviously the winner of the auction is free to offer any treatment or medicine it wants to. However, you as the patient, always have full freedom of action. Therefore the patient is free to accept or reject any offer put forward.

Q: My auction winner is not providing any treatment, is this allowed?

Although this is not the aim of FinalStand, this is perfectly legal. On the one hand this might be disappointing for you as a patient. On the other hand, this does entail that there are no legit cures, no possibly experiments that could enhance your lifespan. It might be a hard pill to swallow, but at least you know now for certain that every option has been exhausted and it enables you to move on and focus on future steps in life.

Q: Am I just being used as a guinea pig?

Yes and no. Data from FinalStand is not the way forward to have a medicine approved by your local health authority. On the other hand, eventual medicines and treatments that will be provided by your auction winner might be untested. They might work. They might not. At FinalStand we believe that a different risk-reward payoff is desirable whenever treating patients at the extreme ends of the health spectrum. We provide maximum protection through a market mechanism. However, this is not as fool proof as the standard testing performed on every day used medicines and treatments. We therefore only apply patients who have exhausted all other methods of treatment and have no other means of treatment left.

Q: Why the public auction? Why not a private auction?

Transparency is one of the key drivers of patient safety. Every interaction with an auction winner will be publicly logged. In the case of extreme unethical behavior the fear of a public backlash is the exact thing you as a patient need to keep you safe. Privacy is a fundamental human right. There is a careful balancing act between the need to supply the auction participants with enough information to reduce uncertainty on their end and protect customer privacy. This is a process which needs constant fine-tuning which we will constantly be monitoring.